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General Assembly and LHH Partner to Launch a Hire-Train-Deploy Solution, Further Expanding Access to Diverse Junior Tech Talent for Employers

General Assembly
May 15, 2023

In a world where technology is advancing faster than ever before, the demand for skilled tech workers has reached an all-time high. To help businesses keep pace, General Assembly and global talent solutions provider LHH have launched Hire-Train-Deploy (HTD), a unique solution to close persistent skills gaps, build diverse and resilient tech talent pipelines, and provide exceptional onboarding experiences that support junior tech workers. 

According to our 2023 “State of Talent Acquisition” report, 91% of tech hiring managers are at least somewhat concerned that their recruitment and hiring methods won’t be enough to fill their open tech roles in software engineering, analytics, data science, and UX design. Even if a company has every role filled today, Hired found 57% of first-year tech talent are looking to change jobs within six months.

In times of economic uncertainty, new hiring methods are required to build a more resilient workforce—whether that’s by providing the proper training to retain new workers and shore up productivity or deepening the pool of diverse, skilled talent that’s ready to shine and scale. 


Filling technology roles, meeting diversity goals, and getting the right skill sets onsite are even more critical today than they were in 2011 when General Assembly first began working in this space. We’ve helped over 100,000 graduates attain the skills and confidence to succeed in an ever-evolving job market. With our Hire-Train-Deploy solution, clients can tap into an active, diverse, always-on, junior talent pool that’s purpose-trained to meet strategic needs and objectives.

Here’s how it works: 

  • Hire: Clients describe their open roles and ideal candidate profiles. We search locally or globally, outside the limited university graduate pool, for truly non-traditional, new-to-technology learners with diverse backgrounds and high aptitude. Our team sources, assesses, and deploys the most promising talent. 
  • Train: We make sure all candidates have the skills required to succeed. Candidates receive best-in-class training and an education that’s designed, taught, and informed by industry experts. Clients help shape the training program to their tech environment so candidates are job-ready on day one. 
  • Deploy: We deploy and manage talent on a 12-18 month contract basis. We provide additional coaching services and client-aligned training to support the onboarding process as needed. Talent has the opportunity to shine, and clients are eager to extend full-time offers to successful candidates at the end of the deployment period because they’ve seen the strength of their contributions.

What Are the Benefits of Using an HTD Model?

Compared to traditional hiring methods, the HTD model provides clients with:

  • A low-risk, managed approach to talent acquisition 
  • A scalable talent bench with skill sets that flex and evolve
  • Greater diversity within tech teams that align with company goals
  • Immediate onboarding traction with reduced learning curves
  • Improved overall team morale and retention rates as high as 91% in year 2 
  • Increased bandwidth for HR staff to focus on hard-to-find senior hires

Entry-level tech talent also benefits from the HTD solution, which gives them:

  • A life-changing, no-cost, earn-while-you-learn opportunity
  • Competitive benefits like health insurance and paid time off 
  • Fresh skill sets for entry into fastest-growing, high-paying roles
  • Support services, coaching, and mentoring geared toward growth and advancement 
  • Sustained membership and support through the General Assembly alumni network

Meet Digital Transformation with a Full Bench of Tech Talent

Investment in junior tech talent is crucial for businesses that want to stay on the leading edge. When done right, junior talent recruitment is both less expensive and more likely to continue paying dividends over the years. 

Hire-Train-Deploy covers all the HR processes so our clients don’t have to. This solution offers the fastest route to a full bench of tech talent, future-proofing clients to meet digital transformation initiatives in the immediate and long-term horizon. Our novel approach unlocks expediency, cost efficiency, and resource optimization for our clients. 

Built with diversity in mind, our pipeline provides scale and a strong set of candidates who have a passion and appreciation for the opportunity to work with our clients. Our talent stays because they are valued and we treat them with care. We invest in our talent by providing competitive hourly pay, benefits, holiday pay, and sick leave. We also provide coaching services for junior talent throughout their engagement.

With the combined power of General Assembly—the world’s #1 builder of emergent tech talent—and LHH—America’s second-largest recruitment solutions firm—clients have the promise of a full tech talent solution from sourcing and job preparedness to onboarding and longer-term retention. 

Visit us online or reach out to learn more about getting started with an HTD solution.

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