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What Is an Income Share Agreement? (ISA)

General Assembly
October 14, 2020

Financing education is a huge decision at any point of life—even more so in such uncertain times. That’s where an income share agreement (ISA) might be a great option to invest in yourself. In professional education, an ISA is not a loan, but rather a financial structure where tuition is repaid as a percentage of your monthly income for a fixed number of years.

How do Income Share Agreements Work?

At General Assembly, our ISA, Catalyst, allows students to learn in-demand tech skills in our full-time immersive courses and land a job with the help of our career services team. Repayment begins only once you secure a role earning at least $40,000 per year. After you’ve reached the minimum income threshold, you’ll start paying back 10% percent of your monthly earned income over 48 months.

Learn More About Other Financial Aid Options

While ISAs offer repayment flexibility, if you’re still wondering how to afford General Assembly we reccomend checking out our various financial aid options. Our Admissions team can guide you through scholarships, grants, and more.

Get Started Today

With our ISA, you can confidently invest in tech skills without immediate financial strain. Our full-time bootcamp and short courses offer varied financing options to make starting this educational journey accessible. Connect with the admissions team to learn more about General Assembly’s financing options.

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