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The 8 Most In-Demand Programming Languages

General Assembly
April 6, 2023

Jobs that require coding skills, like software engineering and data science, are among the fastest-growing careers in 2023. According to Indeed.com, 8 of the 10 “best jobs” this year are coding roles. The list includes full-stack developers and machine learning engineers. 

So what exactly is coding, and how should you get started learning to code? In layman’s terms, coding is how we talk to computers. Code is the driving force behind our everyday lives. Code powers phone apps, online shopping websites, and connected devices such as fitness watches and cloud-connected doorbells. With every industry embracing new technology. Like online ordering in restaurants or stock trading through mobile apps, the need for coding skills has skyrocketed.

Learning to code offers numerous benefits beyond future-proofing your career and job prospects. It cultivates an analytical mindset essential for problem-solving and empowers entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into digital reality.

It’s easy to get started with learning to code. There are plenty of bootcamp and part-time courses that will help you develop job-ready skills. When it comes to the most valuable programming languages or the most in-demand programming languages, there are several options worth considering. These languages are widely used and sought after by employers in the tech industry. If you’re looking to get started with a career in tech, let’s break down the 8 types of programming languages to consider learning in 2023. 

#1: Python

Python is a flexible and versatile language that is extremely popular today, especially for analyzing large datasets. It’s a versatile language that can be used for software development, web development, data science, and task automation.

Python is an excellent language for beginners, thanks to its user-friendly syntax. It’s perfect for those starting out in coding and essential for aspiring AI professionals or data scientists. With a huge developer community and a vast library of pre-built code, Python offers abundant resources for new learners.

#2: Java

Java is a widely used programming language known for its versatility in enterprise software development. It can be executed on any platform with a Java Virtual Machine, ensuring excellent performance, portability, and security. Additionally, Java is the official language of Android development. With Android owning more than 70% of global market share, Java is an invaluable skill to have in your repertoire. 

Like Python, Java is an object-oriented language, which means its code is made up of “objects” that contain data and methods that operate on that data. In simpler terms, objects allow developers to write code in modules that can be reused and are easy to maintain. 

Unlike Python, Java has a steeper learning curve and can take some time to get up and running as a new coder. However, its widespread use across web, desktop, mobile and enterprise applications make it a valuable skill to learn. Plus, it has a similar syntax to other programming languages like C and C++ that make it simpler to learn for multilingual developers. 

#3: JavaScript

JavaScript is a dynamic programming language mainly used for front-end web development. It helps design interactive web pages and applications by allowing dynamic content updates and form submission.

Although JavaScript is popular for front-end development, it is versatile enough to be used for back-end web development, desktop applications, mobile apps, browser extensions, and games.

If you have experience in Java or C++, learning JavaScript will be easier, but anyone dedicated to learning and practicing can master this language. Due to its powerful capabilities and wide use in web development, JavaScript is a valuable skill for those pursuing a career in building websites and web apps.

#4: C++

C++ is a programming language that brings object-oriented programming to the C framework, giving developers greater control over memory and system resources. It’s flexible and scalable, used for various purposes like operating systems, GUIs, software applications, and Windows mobile apps. C++ is particularly favored for video game development due to its speed and efficiency. If you’re into building games, learning C++ is essential.

C++ is a complex programming language with many features and concepts that can be challenging for beginners to grasp. It requires significant practice and participation in coding challenges to become confident. However, like Java, it’s a highly sought-after skill that will give your job search a significant boost. 

#5: CSS

CSS, short for “Cascading Style Sheets,” is a programming language that defines the appearance of HTML and XML documents (like websites). It lets developers separate a website’s presentation from its structure and content. This separation allows for visually attractive, flexible, and responsive web themes and layouts.

CSS is a versatile tool that controls a website’s visual aspects, such as fonts and colors. It allows for consistent style throughout a website, making it useful for content management systems and e-commerce sites.

CSS is relatively easy to learn for coding beginners. If you already have some HTML or web design experience under your belt, that’s a plus. Its syntax is straightforward and easy to understand, making it one of the faster programming languages to get started with. However, like all languages, mastering CSS will require persistence and experience. Web developers studying CSS should also understand fundamental concepts like design principles, user experience, and accessibility.  

#6: Swift

Swift is a newer programming language native to Apple iOS, and is used for development of apps for iPhone, macOS, iPadOS, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. Swift is one of the most popular languages today, since many companies offer iOS apps. As an open-source language, Swift is continuously being improved and is free to use, so it’s easy to access and there is a large developer community around it. Additionally, Swift is relatively easy to learn thanks to its simplified syntax, concise code, fast performance, and scalability. 

#7: Ruby

Ruby is another popular object-oriented programming language that is used in many tech roles, from web development to data analytics. The language is easier to learn than others like C and Java because it has an easy-to-read syntax, making it a great choice to learn for first-time coders. 

Ruby is primarily popular amongst web developers because it enables you to easily create a scalable website by automating low-value work, freeing developers’ time for more strategic efforts. If you want to become a well-rounded web developer, learning Ruby is a key skill. 

Beyond web development, Ruby is also popular for use cases such as DevOps, building web servers, data processing, and web scraping. 

#8: C#

C# (pronounced “c sharp”) is an object-oriented general purpose programming language developed by Microsoft and used to develop things like web apps, desktop apps, and games. It’s easy to learn and use, making it another ideal option for beginners. 

C# is popular among developers because it is a cross-platform language that can be used to develop almost anything you want to build, especially if you are developing applications for Windows platforms. Microsoft provides an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing with C# that streamlines the development process by helping with things like code completion and debugging. Additionally, platforms like Xamarin allow developers to build native Android and iOS applications with C#. If you are interested in video game development, C# is the default language of leading game engine Unity, and is a popular choice for developing Xbox and Microsoft One games, making it a valuable skill to have in addition to C++. 

Thanks to its versatility and popularity, coding in C# is likely to remain a highly in-demand skill for developers. 

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