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Digital Marketing Salaries

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May 7, 2021
Digital Marketing Salary Expectations

Are you curious, adaptable, and strategic? Creative, but not afraid to dive into the numbers now and then? These qualities will take you far in a digital marketing career. Digital marketing spans so many areas of expertise — there’s a perfect job for practically everyone with a problem-solving mindset. Armed with the skills you need to succeed, you’ll have the confidence to lock in a job with plenty of growth potential and a commensurate salary… every step of the way.

Rachel Denton, a digital marketing specialist, and one of our Austin campus instructors, shares her hardwon insights on the industry. Denton started her career as an engineer but was ultimately drawn to marketing because she could use her analytical mindset along with her creativity in a way that played up the strengths of each. It’s a balance she finds extremely rewarding and enthusiastically shares with her students. In her Email Marketing Essentials and Data Analytics courses, she relishes seeing the light bulb moments when students understand a new marketing concept or figure out a data-based strategy for the first time.

“Building a strong foundation is paramount. That means understanding the digital marketing channels and how to create, execute, measure, and optimize digital marketing campaigns. Once students understand these, there are so many directions they can go in the field of digital marketing. It really depends on their passions and interests.”

Let’s break out the individual roles within the field of digital marketing and what you can expect to earn.

Digital Marketing roles include those focused on specific channels such as social media manager, email marketing manager, content marketing manager, paid search manager, SEO manager, and marketing automation manager. Salaries for these roles fall in the range of $70K to $90K, depending on experience. Though they are often entry-point hires at smaller companies, candidates with relevant education and proven tech skill proficiencies have a clear advantage. Be ready to hit the ground running.

Higher-level roles in digital marketing are responsible for overseeing campaigns and managing teams of various sizes. These titles and salary ranges include digital marketing manager, $85K to $120K; digital marketing director, $120K to $160K; VP of marketing, $160K to $220K; and chief marketing officer (CMO), $200K to $500K or more — with the lucky few making millions per year. Compensation packages often include an incentivized bonus, whether based on individual performance, company performance, or both. Additional benefits like stock options or matching retirement funds may be on offer and often negotiable. Salary information is sourced from Glassdoor, but keep in mind that these numbers can vary by geographic location and from country to country.

Digital marketing is clearly a field with lots of room for advancement. If you want to fast-track your career, check out Denton’s Digital Marketing Immersive, a bootcamp experience for students of all levels. Or learn how to run a successful campaign for your small business with Yelp + GA: Lean Marketing for Startups and Small Businesses.

Still deciding? Take the first step and register for her free Intro to Digital Marketing Live Online.

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